Landmark Capital Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean company with its base of operations in Shanghai, China, Landmark Capital is the owner and founder of Saga LNG Group Pte. Ltd., Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. is subsidiary of Saga LNG Group. Landmark, as a financial advisory, acts as the bridge between Chinese banking & leasing institutions and the world’s shipping and offshore industries. As a financier, Landmark’s focus is primarily on marine LNG and innovative technologies within the sector. Other notable companies in Landmark’s portfolio include LNT Marine, CGR, and EConnect Energy.
LNT Marine (LNT) is a technology provider and contractor within the LNG sector, gas carriers and other types of cold cargoes. We invent and develop new technologies. We provide design and engineering for marine solutions based on our proprietary technologies, and we offer system supply as well as technical support and installation services. LNT is involved with four main business areas as follows: LNG containment systems – LNT A-BOX® LNG fuel tank systems Gas carrier insulation systems Reefers and other cold cargo systems EConnect Energy has developed a cost efficient solution for marine loading and bunkering of LNG and a variety of other fluids. Utilizing a mobile platform attached to flexible cryogenic hoses, the system offers unique benefits in comparison to traditional ship to shore infrastructure. CGR Arctic Marine (CGR) is a technology provider, design and engineering company with nice expertise within seaborne small scale LNG transportation and LNG bunkering business. The company has developed and designed the cost and environmentally friendly LNG bunkering vessel, Liquid Methane Bunkering (LMB), which offers fundamental technological and operational advantages compared to existing solutions. Thome Ship Management is Saga LNG’s partner for crewing and technical management. In addition to having a rich experience in gas, Thome provides a global presence, fully managing over 200 vessels with 650 employees onshore and a crew pool exceeding 12,000.
Dedicated to the development of the marine gas industry and continued strides forward in standards for safety, quality and efficiency, Saga LNG Shipping is a participating member of The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO).