“Saga Dawn”
Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. currently has one 45,000 cubic meter LNGC, Saga Dawn, had delivered on 20th January 2020 from China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd. in Haimen, China, and officially set sail on 16th April 2020. And successfully completed her tenth loading and discharging voyages on 4th January 2021. The Saga Dawn is based on LNT Marine’s “LNT45” Design and has been designed around high quality and internationally recognized equipment to accommodate global trading. Notable suppliers include LNT Marine, Wärtsilä, Kongsberg, FKAB and many more. A data sheet on the unit can be downloaded on the right.
For indicative charter rates and other commercial inquiries please contact us directly. Saga’s main focus is providing bespoke shipping solutions in the 10,000m3 – 100,000m3 LNG carrier segment. Indications on our other designs, or variations thereof, can also be generated on a case by case basis. If you are currently involved in the bidding or selection process for a shipping partner for unique projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




80k LNT80 – Data Sheet
45k LNT45 – Data Sheet
40k Wuhu max – Data sheet
28k Wuhan max – Data sheet
12k Yichang max – Data sheet