Our value offering is simple; equipped with a technical understanding of project needs, we can build, finance and own optimized marine LNG assets and offer these on a time-charter basis to our partners and clients.

Our current scope comprises FSUs, LNG Barges & LNGCs, FSRUs, FLNGs, and Bunker vessels. Our current focus is on the small to midsized segment, which we loosely define as being units with a storage capacity larger than 5,000 cubic meters but not exceeding 100,000 cubic meters. 


We firmly believe in utilizing the right tool for the right job. It is our personal experience that far too often standardization and a general lack of versatility in the LNG fleet is passing  avoidable and unnecessary costs onto project developers and end-users of natural gas. Utilizing the LNT A-BOX® containment system as a platform solution, our 5,000 cubic meter to 100,000 cubic meter designs are offered as a means to further customization for whatever specific project needs may be in play. For more detail on the design, navigate to our fleet page.


Whether a project calls for a simple storage barge (FSU), a vessel with regasification functionality (FSRU), or a more complex unit aimed at liquefying natural gas (FLNG), we can build in efficiency with the A-BOX® and we can build it affordably in China. Saga LNG has decades of experience in China, executing high quality newbuilding projects from start to finish. We excel in shipyard vetting, shipbuilding contract negotiations, new building management, supervision and financing